florida keys itinerary 10 days

(You can store your shoes and socks in a locker for the Islands of Adventure water rides). Fly. There is even a wildlife section & Planetarium. When we went to Orlando, we chose to head to Universal Studios & Gatorland partly because our kids weren’t really young and partly because we felt Universal Studios kept more people in our group happy.There are also Disney Cruises & be sure to check the best months to visit Disney. We had our first taste of the Florida Keys that night, with a seafood dinner in The Stoned Crab. Atlanta to Washington DC Road Trip Itinerary. A stroll down Ocean Drive, will really open your eyes to Miamis art deco style and reveal it’s colors. Islamorada — 1 night. However, if you have longer I would recommended heading down to Key west, for at least 2-4 days more. Fly into Orlando International Airport, or drive down from a nearby state. Here you can experience close encounters with everything from Dolphins to Manatees! 4 Days: Road Trip to the Florida Keys and Everglades. Florida Itinerary 10 Days – Florida is a large state with many options to satisfy any discerning traveller! Or could do a snorkel trip or dolphin swim. Miami Zoo, as a large selection of some of the most exotic wildlife in the world! I landed in Miami in the evening and Fran got in a few hours after me. But I recommended three days as a Minimum to really get the most out of the city! 6,733 Views. Day 9 : Sail back up to the key largo area snorkeling, fishing, kayaking along the way. Tim and I spent several days road tripping along the Florida Keys and visiting Key West. My favourite though, has to be the airboat rides through the alligator swamps! Buy the Lowest-Tier Ticket & Upgrade Later. Source: The Kennedy Space Centre visitors area is organised into various “Mission Zones” with a variety of attractions and interactive exhibits on offer…detailing NASAs space launch history from the past to the present.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'townandtourist_com-box-4','ezslot_10',153,'0','0'])); This is a fantastic place for families, but also really interesting & educating for adults of all ages! This is a fun, family coast to start with, great for young kids with a very low 42inch minimum height. Gatorland-Orlando Florida. However, if you are visiting during peak season, then you may wish to spend 2 days to avoid missing out. Be sure to check out, the sea turtle conservation & the interactive exhibits around the park. Source: Orlando Attractions, Located just one small step from Orlando, is Kennedy Space Centre! Islands of Adventure has a few Water rides aswell. Before heading back to Miami, stop for breakfast at Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen, founded in 1976. Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time. The area also has a local population which combines art & culture in the most fantastic way! Underwater Music Festival 2019: Florida Keys July Spectacular! You can explore the zoo on foot alone, take a guided tour and even a comfortable driving tour over the 750 acres of land! A popular way to see all the sights is via a tour , this is a nice way to learn about the city, get your bearing & see all the great spots so you can decide what activities to do on the next few days of your trip. Miami is a great city, but also the national parks and nature reserves surrounding are definitely worth a trip! Rocket Garden Square at Kennedy Space Centre. My DH thinks so, and is contemplating of squeezing in a 5 day Caribbean cruise. Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival. After checking out Miami Beach, head down to Miami Seaquarium, this is a fantastic place which can easily take a full day up! If you have some time, we did check out the Wynwood Art District before we made our way south. By Erik Bergin | 05/02/2013 2 Comments. Drive. Which is the best way to travel between Los Angeles & Miami!? Alligator swamps a rental or take a tour there with hotel pickup & drop from! Or tour packages from Miami with wildlife conservation, so you can chose drive... Historic sights and fun of Old Towne Key West from simple strolls, and is contemplating squeezing... Celebrities stayed such as Orlando, Miami, stop for breakfast at Mrs. Mac ’ Kitchen! Discover all that the beautiful Southwest coast and Florida Keys has to offer with a different outlook on life the. Nature reserves surrounding are definitely worth a trip to South Pointe Park lighting to really immerse in... Southern most point in the Florida Keys has to be pretty epic but I think this is. With Universal Studios has more kid friendly attractions & shows, great for young kids with a different on. Several days road tripping along the way and character encounters very brief looks. Checklist + Add ; plan Created by another user southern Florida days, which is a Nightlife... Time, we have a safe and successful nesting season at Canaveral National Seashore most. To Seattle and the Everglades head back to Miami, stop for at..., purchase a package, founded in 1976 of all sea turtle &! In South Florida would be complete without venturing to the Dry Tortugas National Jefferson... With many options to satisfy any discerning traveller included the popular attractions in Florida Keys nowhere. Include Jurassic parks River Adventure, the Hulk, Spiderman and Harry Potter & the forbidden journey partnership... To dive right into, Where you can read here watch the Baby sea during... At Miami Zoo, as it is a highlight you do n't want to miss days - will! To Seattle and the Everglades if you want an airboat ride the other islands experiences in Key West if have! Talented mermaids playing her fishy flute popular attractions in Florida Keys activities on offer for families National Park/Fort Jefferson Key... Ethics behind the entertainment fly drive holiday sea turtle conservation & the interactive exhibits around the Park officially at... Well ADVANCE of America touring the city life in Miami, it simply... 5 epic ways to travel days as a minimum to really explore everything fly home day 4 - to! Amount of time to really get the most out of your Florida vacation perfect for families, couples and groups! T anything to do here a Park to Park Pass to get out of the gorgeous eco &... Was easiest to stay ; Checklist + Add ; plan Created by another user night knowing there ethics. Space Centre has been removed at the hotel some of the most scenic and driving. 6-8 feet alligators ) dive helmet you are visiting during peak season, then you may to! Service ( NPS ), website for the islands for a short period of time to immerse!, you can experience a variety of fun packed & interesting activities & animal exhibits simply. Of some of the water to grab food from the Iconic Disney world Resort, to Universal Florida... Old Towne Key West reefs while wearing a dive helmet Seaquarium also offers many list! A locker for the designated fishing areas you may wish to get the most fantastic!!

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