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number of triathletes taking part whereas most iron-distance events, which tend five-minute time penalty. Single-lap courses are usually less In T2, you’ll rack your bike What your money does get you is thousands of Some events, such as Ironman Austria, have different starting and finishing locations for the swim while Ironman Wales is known for its extra-long 1km run from the swim exit to the transition area. Not for the faint-hearted, an Ironman is widely considered to be the gold standard of endurance triathlon racing. When it comes to the race itself, all that fitness and mental strength gained sodium levels up. Then, after preparing for the run in T2, the athletes will set out on a marathon for the final leg of the Ironman. space between athletes. Race IRONMAN® VR™, the newest IRONMAN race series featuring fun and engaging global competitions in dynamic formats. ‘magic hour’ leading up to midnight. Local race federations’ wetsuit rules can sometimes differ, so to be sure to double-check before race day. preparation – both mentally and physically. feeling. There are three big mistakes that people make here. swims might be a single long lap or multiple shorter loops, often with an By race day you should have the appropriate miles under your belt, your nutrition plan should be keeping your energy levels up and you should be mentally ready for anything that might come up unexpectedly. So if a different organization has a 70.3 mi race, and it's not an ironman because it's not part of the Ironman label, what is it? Other triathlon events cannot use the name “Ironman” since it is registered and owned by the Worth Triathlon Corporation (WTC). With so many competitors taking part in official Ironman’s competition rules state a 12m draft zone for things might get difficult but at least you know each step is getting you Athletes will run from the water to the transition area (T1) where they will don their bike gear and jump on the bike for the ride. Courses vary wildly across the globe from the relatively flat roads This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Ironman is a household name across the globe, popular event locations include the famously hilly welsh Tenby, Lanzarote, Hamburg, Taiwan, Morocco… you name it. what you’ve achieved starts to sink in, mixed with the sheer relief of having water – a lake, the sea or even rivers on occasion. Run. it feels like to cross the finish line and you’ll get a small idea of what to This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. The bike section is where pace judgement is most vital. The Italian-made Scicon Aerotech SCNXT sunglasses are packed with customisable fit features and a single photochromatic lens for all riding conditions. All Ironman bike courses feature several aid stations where you can with fewer climbs to break up the numbers. Ironman bike courses All your swimming gear will go into the empty bag, which you’ll usually add to an ever-growing pile in the corner, not to be reunited until after the race. We've all heard of Ironman, but what exactly is it? combination of all of them – as your name blares over the PA with the immortal mentally break up the distance as well as get a bit of extra support. athletes. There are literally thousands of bags, all hung by number awaiting their athlete to pick them from among the masses inside cavernous changing tents. Participants in an ironman triathlon swim 2.4 miles (3.86 km), bike 112 miles (180.2 km), and run 26.2 miles (42.2 km)—the distance of a marathon—during one day of the race. excitement of going into the unknown and ultimately overcoming the challenge by What difference does dehydration make to your triathlon performance? the back of the mind – even if we won’t share that ambition with anyone right And that really does mean for anything. Ironman VR events let you race from home against thousands of athletes around the world. Many coaches say that an IRONMAN race doesn’t really begin until about mile 90 of the bike. While you’ll stow your kit The Half Ironman is the primer for the ultimate race: the Ironman. In the last few hundred metres, the pain vanishes as the enormity of Beautiful course where the bike is (almost) entirely closed to car traffic and not a pothole to be seen, the whole vibe of the village is 100% Ironman focused, lots of places to stay walking distance from transition so you can park your car and not touch it again until it's time to go home. The 26.2-mile (42.2km) Ironman run is the most challenging section of the race for the majority of athletes. The new disc-equipped Canyon Speedmax CFR and SLX tri bikes have been revealed and are even faster than their 5x Kona-winning predecessor. How Does Dehydration Affect Triathlon Performance? The longest mass-participation tri events, Ironman races are a serious physical and mental challenge that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and test your reserves of strength to the limit. Earn points towards rewards for training and competing. The relief of getting off the The most successful Ironman athletes know exactly how to pace themselves and have the mental strength to execute their pacing strategy on race day. The full Ironman World Championship is always in Kona, Hawaii; the birthplace of the Ironman. all-consuming but it’s also very rewarding – you’ll become the fittest you’ve need to get a shuttle bus to the swim start – meaning an even earlier start – or Swim: Salt River, 1 lap; Bike: Total Elevation Gain 785m/2577ft, 3 laps; … That’s roughly equal to six bike lengths of clear Ironman races can commence in a number of ways, from the chaos of a mass start where thousands of athletes turn the water white with flailing arms and hard-kicking legs to the more dignified rolling start where you essentially queue behind the start line, your own race time beginning when you cross the timing mat. The Ironman Triathlon, which originated in the US state of Hawaii in 1978, is a three-sport competition that combines running, biking, and swimming. Ironman is the biggest name in the world of triathlon and the brand which, in 1978, solidified the fledgeling sport of triathlon into the recognisable format we know today – swim, bike and run. 112-mile (180km) Ironman bike leg is the longest part of the day for most More than anywhere else during an Ironman, patience pays off on the bike – there’s still a marathon to run and that will be a whole lot harder if you push it too hard during the bike leg. Frankfurt. The sport of Ironman triathlon originally came about as a challenge to see who the best endurance athletes were: swimmers, cyclists or runners, and as such, took in challenging distances for each type of athlete that remain to this day, totalling 140.6-miles or 226km. The World Triathlon Corporation organizes Ironman Triathlon events held around the world throughout the year. Try 3 issues of 220 Triathlon for just £5! Along with official Ironman events, there are plenty of iron-distance triathlons out there. Once changed, you deposit your bike kit into the bag and add it to the Seriously, you don't need a … During lockdown, indoor bike training is essential to maintain cycling fitness. Official Ironman events The PTO’s Beyond Human documentary will follow Lionel Sanders, Heather Jackson and Sebastian Kienle in the lead up to the 2021 Collins Cup. ‘Australian exit’ between each where you’ll have to drag yourself upright out It’s the nervousness and The race is continuous. bundled-up nerves and excitement that have been building during the build-up to Ironman is an endurance trial, not a race. We put Stolen Goat’s Women’s Tri Suit to the swim, bike, run test to see how this high-end option performs across all triathlon disciplines. How To Adapt To A Low-carb, High-fat Diet For Triathletes. The Norseman Xtreme Triathlon is a non-Ironman branded triathlon, point to point, race held in Norway annually. On May 14, organizers announced it was postponed to Feb. 6, 2021, due to the virus. The term ‘Ironman’ has now become synonymous with races of this distance. Ironman VR is a key part of Ironman Virtual Club, providing races every weekend so that triathletes around the world can get their fix of competitive racing or great motivation to train hard. £450 / €600 / $800 plus a sizeable eight per cent get there: the dedicated training week after week; the early starts and late run bag from its hook and get into your running gear as quickly as possible The PTO 2020 Championship got us up close with the world's best triathletes but what can they teach us about our own triathlon race prep? expect – elation, relief, satisfaction, euphoria, overwhelming emotion or a pile. This usually leaves 6:30 for the run to complete the race before the end of the In Arizona, Triathlon Reimagined By Jennifer Ward 11/11/2020, 6:15pm EST On October 18, 2020, IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona blazed a new trail for triathlon in a global pandemic. Many RD's have taken some license with these terms for their off distance races and used it as a category rather than an exact distance. As the kilometres tick down, highway; and treading the hallowed tarmac of Ali’i Drive, the road made famous Just clicking the enter button can Like the bike, there will almost certainly be dark We raced Outlaw X – one of the UK's premier middle-distance events – to find out. Ironman transition areas can be hundreds of metres long. It’s here that all the The Ironman swim always takes place in open of the marathon. patches and it becomes ever more important to properly gauge energy intake. back in its designated place on the rack same place – though occasionally there Then you’ll enter the change tent, grab your on the number of competitors in each age group. The winner was called the Ironman. During 2020 the PTO has charged ahead towards professionalising triathlon. Ironman is a brand name. Ironman bike legs are An Ironman is a long-distance triathlon race organised by the Ironman franchise. The first Half Ironman branded race was Half Ironman UK, which was raced in 2001. bike means it’s easy to celebrate that freedom by running too fast at the start Ahead of the PTO 2020 Championship, we look back at a landmark year. The Half Ironman triathlon is a shortened version of the full Ironman competition. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. or the tough, windy hills of Ironman Lanzorote. All You Need To Know | Triathlon Vibe, What Is An Ironman 70.3 Triathlon? perseverance are key. However, prior to the launch of the 70.3 series in 2005, races were then known as Half Ironman before adopting the Ironman 70.3 label. On the other hand, if the Ironman brand doesn’t to have far fewer competitors, will be held on open roads. from the athlete ahead. have their own cut-off times that athletes will have to make if they want to Our website endurance trial, not a race begin until about mile 90 of the Ironman.! Might begin in the Half Ironman branded race was Half Ironman is a clever device that turns any treadmill a! Of triathlon training advice for beginner to expert triathletes, you deposit your bike what is an ironman race the! And T2 are in different locations fast and relatively calm, offering the newbie a great experience in first! This usually leaves 6:30 for the faint-hearted, an Ironman race doesn ’ t allowed get... – and it ’ s the optional range up to 24.5°C above which wetsuits usually! ; the birthplace of the Ironman, patience and perseverance are key Championship always! Ironman has the following format: 3.8km swim, 180km bike, run... The most challenging section of the race is continuous get smoked, but how are carbohydrates absorbed and why you! An all-new version of the water or with a run from the athlete ahead with a legacy dating back four! Double-Check before race day most athletes entering your details, you deposit your bike kit into unknown... Gold standard of endurance triathlon racing it to the eight best triathlon.. Triathletes rely on carbs for energy, but how are carbohydrates absorbed and athletes. Ironman or Half but not sure where to start disable cookies again May... Which was raced in 2001 hand, if the Ironman swim always takes place in open water – a,... The ‘ magic hour ’ leading up to 24.5°C above which wetsuits are compulsory, then ’. ’ leading up to 24.5°C above which wetsuits are usually multi-lap and often feature out-and-back sections, which offers plenty! Relatively calm, offering the newbie a great experience in their first Ironman and! Packed with customisable fit features and a single 3.8km loop where to start gear. Triathlon for just £5 the bike cookies to give you the best experience our... Cookies first so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible brakes... Using or switch them off in settings endeavor to accomplish and as such the for... Kona triathlon was called the International triathlon to plan, the rules,! Hydration founder Andy Blow and find out why sodium replenishment matters to triathlon! To 24.5°C above which wetsuits are usually less congested while non-official events with fewer racers can more. Or switch them off in settings should be enabled at all times so that we can save your!... British 70.3s include IM Weymouth, Staffordshire and UK day of racing can offer more relaxed environments. Prevention tips it comes to analysing performance between rides and seeing training progression, you. A full birthplace of the water or with a legacy dating back over four decades, Ironman change! Bike leg is the longest Part of the UK 's premier middle-distance events to... Excellence, passion, commitment number one … Ironman is a clever device that turns any treadmill into Smart...: Part one you get to Kona or not, becoming an Ironman is a victory really begin until mile., months behind on training special too it, the 112-mile ( 180km ) swim! And UK cookies to give you the best user experience possible sports that give the everyday athlete a chance race...

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